Useful Information

Useful Info

Side events: Concerts, Bar, Dance Session, Beach Party etc.


Hospitality Package(s):       VIP Silver Packages, VIP Gold Packages, Skylounge Silver Packages, Skylounge Gold Packages, Beach Club or Major Club for two persons.

Camp for Beach Volleyball fans:       Campground Tenthouse, different Packages with Hotel and entrance:

Weather conditions in the same period when the event will be scheduled:Min. temperature: 13C°, max. Temperature: 29C°

Rain: 6 days per month, wind conditions: south-west, 4-8 knots

Sunrise and sunset time: Sunrise: 05.44 am

Sunset: 21.25 pm

Currency: CHF – Swiss Francs

Local Tourism Info:

Recommended hotels:

Tourist Attractions:       Glacier 3000 (, Lauenensee (, Arnensee (, Château de Gruyère (, Fondation Balthus (, Cailler chocolate factory (

Time zone:       CET

Useful Info:

Train schedules:

Kids animation during the whole week

Gstaad is a village in the alps and it is located 1,050 meters (3,440 ft) above sea level.

Gstaad is known as a major ski resort in the winter, a beautiful hiking area in the summer and a popular destination amongst the high-class society and the international jet set.