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Important: New Rule will be tested at this event! Information about this test was sent to all National Federations. Please contact your National Federation for more details!!!


VISA Information: For all athletes and Team Staff that needs to apply for a Chinese visa to play in the tournament, please contact Rachel at:


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Side events






Hospitality Package(s)



Camp for Beach Volleyball fans



Weather conditions in the same period when the event will be scheduled



Average 24.6 ℃, cloudy, gentle breeze

Sunrise and sunset time

Sunrise 6:00, sunset 19:30



Local Tourism Info



Recommended hotels

The Gold Gulf International Hotel, Jingtai Grand Hotel, etc.


Tourist Attractions

Sanniang Bay Tourist Attraction, Bazhaigou Tourist Attraction, Former Residence of Feng Zicai, Former Residence of Liu Yongfu, etc.

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