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Side Events

Reception by the City of Lucerne 24th of May



Hospitality Packages

From Wednesday to Sunday, Additional information will be handed over to FIVB after clarification of package contents


Min. Temperature: 9 ° C

Max. Temperature: 25 ° C

rel. Humidity: 50 %

Rain: 128 mm/m² /  8 rainy days/month

Wind: low ( 3,5 m/s)

Sunrise/ Sunset

Sunrise approx. 5:40am; Sunset approx. 9:00pm


CHF (1 CHF = 0,9856 USD | Status: 06.03.2017)

Local Tourism Info

Recommended Hotels

Lucerne as a highly frequented touristic area has a huge number of hotels in all kind of price categories, although the number of restaurants and bistros is high and in every price range.

Tourist Attractions

Historic city center Lucerne, Lake Lucerne „Vierwald-stättersee“, Mountains Pilatus, Rigi & Engelberg

Time Zone

GMT + 1 Std