Summer: “We stayed steady until the end”

Summer Ross, United States – “It was crazy out there. Brooke and I just stayed intense, we knew we had the side out there in the end when it was close. It was a battle, Brazil is so good, and we can’t let up or go easy. It was back and forth the entire match, but we stayed steady until the end, when it mattered”. 

Brooke Sweat, United States – “It was just about staying steady on our side. It got ugly for a little bit, especially on the second set when we were down 6-1. I think we just set an aggressive serving, my passing was not great for most of the match but near the end we got a little more aggressive in our offense. I just think we believed the whole time”.

Talita Antunes, Brazil – “We couldn’t find our game yet. We are playing and playing but things are not happening. Perhaps it’s mental, perhaps it’s physical, I really don’t know. We were a little bit better in the second set, but it wasn’t good enough”. 


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