FIVB launches dedicated department to set up new structure of events

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 20, 2017 - Candidates can now bid to organise an FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour (FIVB WT) event in the 2017/2018 season. The bidding process will end on June 30, 2017.

FIVB Beach Volleyball properties a great business opportunity - Click here to read more.

The FIVB WT is the only circuit featuring elite events with the participation of the best professional athletes in the world. And the new FIVB World Tour structure offers all stakeholders a great business opportunity.

The  new  5-star  event  system aims to establish FIVB Beach Volleyball properties around the world built on a sustainable business model and flexible commercial rights. All FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour events benefit from the FIVB’s endorsement and will pave the “road to Tokyo 2020” in the two-year Olympic qualification period running from June 2018 to June 2020.

A new department of dedicated and experienced professionals has been created to reach a large number of potential partners interested in promoting FIVB events. The department will market the new five-star structure for the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour which is a fantastic way to continue promoting beach volleyball around the world, bringing the game closer to fans and guaranteeing the future of the sport. It will also deal with innovative properties and disciplines like Snow Volley and Street Volley.

The FIVB’s mission is to make volleyball the world’s number one family sport, and this new structure will help bring the organisation one step closer to achieving that dream. The FIVB looks forward to receiving candidatures from cities, municipalities, sports organisations and investors around the world.

The new Events Business department has already travelled to the Middle East, North America, Central America and South America and it has planned to travel to a large number of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa in the weeks to come to offer FIVB Beach Volleyball opportunities to interested parties and engage them with FIVB events.

The new beach volleyball event structure, announced last year, is based on innovative and specialised criteria which rank events from one to five stars, simplifying organisational standards and allowing for greater fan engagement globally.

Director Angelo Squeo said: "I am proud to have been given the responsibility to create a bright future for beach volleyball and its athletes. Reformatting the events structure and the calendar will allow for an increased number of events, unique partnerships and hosting opportunities as well as the chance for players and fans across the globe to enjoy an increased number of world class sporting environments. We will do our best to revitalize the calendar with innovative ideas and we will adapt them to the needs of the hosting countries and partners. Our goal is to create a global sport product appealing to sponsors and media."

To receive the bidding documents and for more information, please contact the FIVB at the following email address:


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