Lucena: “Beating the world champions is awesome”

Phil Dalhausser, United States – “It’s one of the biggest things in my career. We caught Evandro on an off day. He made a lot of errors and we got lucky with that. Nick played steady and that was good enough today. They rely on Evandro’s serve and he wasn’t hitting in a row today. It’s really satisfying. This is by far the deepest I’ve ever seen out here in the World Tour. Hamburg has been good to us, it’s two for two here”.

Nick Lucena, United States – “Getting a win is always good, but beating the world champions is awesome. It doesn’t happen often. We were able to side out even if we were scrambling. We kept the pressure on them and Phil did a good job on that matter with his block scoring points. Evandro is the most dangerous server I’ve ever seen and we were fortunate to win. We haven’t lost here, so I’m hoping we can come back next year. We’ve been pretty blessed here”.  

Evandro Goncalves, Brazil – “We wanted to win the gold medal especially against them because we’d lot the last time we met. The season has been positive for us, especially after winning the World Championships, but we know we still have a lot to improve. We will learn from this setback and use it as motivation for next year".

Andre Loyola, Brazil – “We’re frustrated because we wanted to win, but it’s pleasant that we managed to be yet in another final after the World Championships. They are a very good and consistent team and we were below our usual level. Our serving, which is a big part of our game, didn’t work today while theirs putted us in trouble several times. We know we still have a lot to improve and we will work on it”.  


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