Ludwig: “There are no words. Playing here in Hamburg was unbelievable."

Laura Ludwig, Germany - “There are no words. Playing here in Hamburg was unbelievable. We were really looking forward to play them in the final. We’ve watched them during their fantastic season but we haven’t met before. Duda is a young star and Agatha definitely knows how to take the most out of her”.

Kira Walkenhorst, Germany - “It was a good match on both sides. Both teams had a pretty good side out game. We took our time and didn’t stop playing even when they were doing a lot of good plays. We knew we just had to until they made a mistake. I’m really happy that we did it and took the last point”.

Agatha Bednarczuk, Brazil - “It’s a good thing to finish second in a tournament where only the best teams of the world are. It was a wonderful game. They played better than us and they deserved the gold medal. I feel that my blocking didn’t work as well and it could and even with Duda doing a great job on defense we couldn’t stop Kira. We need to try different strategies and see what works”.

Duda Lisboa, Brazil - “I’m very pleased by our second place. We wanted to compete in the last day of the last tournament of the year and we did it. I was thrilled to play against the Olympic champions in their country. It was a beautiful tournament and an amazing final. They played very well and were definitely in a special day. We tried our best, served the best we could but they were the better team”. 


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