Social Media Review: Home teams, tough matches highlight Thursday in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 18, 2017 - Thursday was the first day of Main Draw play at the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour event in Rio de Janeiro, and the stage was set for an exciting day.

Brazil's Larissa and Talita started off the day on Centre Court, and they quickly got the 2-0 win over Japan.

They also were looking forward to fans coming out to see them play through the week!

Lane Carico and Lauren Fendrick of the USA started off with a tough 2-1 win over Spain.

But that meant the new Spanish team of Elsa/Lobato started with a tough loss.

Agatha and Duda debuted on Centre Court in the morning, and were happy with their 2-0 win over the Dutch team of Flier/Van Iersel.

An 0-2 loss to Brazil's Juliana/Carol left Switzerland's Anouk Vergé-Dépré disappointed with her team's start.

However, it was a very good morning for Germany.

There was fun to be had, as well!

Thursday morning also saw winning results for Italian teams.

Spain's Pablo Herrera and Adrián Gavira went the distance to get the win over Chile's Grimalt cousins.

With many top teams in Rio for the week, it was a great time for friends to catch up!

Those clouds at midday, they looked threatening. Fortunately, the rain never came!

A big third set helped Russia's Nikita Liamin and Viacheslav Krasilnikov defeat a Cuban team that's been playing very tough as of late.

Canada's Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes got two wins on Thursday in Pool F, and that was big for the team!

The trip to Rio has been a fun one so far for Lane Carico.

In the twilight, two Germany vs. Brazil women's matches were happening at the same time!

For the Rio 2016 gold medallists, Germany's Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst, a tough day finished with two wins in Pool B.

That twilight turned into night at Olympic Park, but the matches kept going under the lights.

Austria's Clemens Doppler and Alexander Horst are off to a great start, going 2-0 in Pool C.

As for Brazil's gold medalists, Alison and Bruno? Two wins in Pool B got started right.

That's all for Thursday in Rio. See you Friday morning, as pool play finishes up and the knockout stages begin!


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