Talita: “We deserved to end the season on the podium”

Larissa Franca, Brazil – “I’m really happy. It’s always awesome to be in the podium and even more in the last tournament of the year. It was a hard season but a very pleasant one because we achieved our goals.  We finish the season with a good feeling and a happy hearth because we did all we wanted to do. We both want to have babies next year, so I don’t know how the future is going to be”.

Talita Antunes, Brazil – “What we did this year was amazing. It’s hard to compete in the high level when you are living in different cities as we were. That makes each of our results this season even more special. We deserved to end the season in the podium”.  

Sarah Pavan, Canada – “I made a couple of stupid mistakes on side out on a bad time. We had some opportunities to turn points but we didn’t take advantage of them. They played better today than I think they did the entire tournament. Their side out was very consistent and they didn’t really make any errors. It’s disappointing not to be in the podium, but when this pain goes away we’ll be very satisfied with our first season together”.  

Melissa Humana-Paredes, Canada – “It’s really frustrating. I’m very disappointed to not step on the podium again. The last two tournaments we’ve just missed it and it’s really painful. But this was a wonderful season. At the beginning of the season all we wanted was to be in the top 10 of the world and we exceeded that”. 


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